K-12 Arts Opportunities

Here at Circle, we believe arts education is important for every Student. We offer elective classes in multiple art disciplines including acting, music, dance, and visual arts. We also maintain a Vibrant theatre program for kindergarten through 12th grade. Read on for more information on all of our arts offerings!

K-12 Theatre offerings

Whether your student is a beginner, just wants to try out a class, or is a serious theatre student, all students who participate in our program will gain skills including public speaking, confidence, communication, collaborating with others, and creative problem-solving. Training provides students with the tools to explore the full potential of their own unique, God-given abilities and talents.


First Stage Players (K-3)

First Stage Players (FSP) is Circle’s introductory theatre class for K-3rd grade students. FSP meets on three campuses: Winter Garden (Mondays), Winter Park (Thursdays), and Winter Springs (Fridays).  as a part of our Lower School extracurricular arts program (2:15pm-3:30pm). This class introduces basic theatre techniques and musicality through creative play and movement as we learn by putting on a show! Lessons cover on an age-appropriate level: Physical Expression - full body movement, facial expressions, and blocking; Vocal Expression & Musicality: diction, projection, character vocalization, rhythm, singing, pitch, and choreography; Behind the Scenes: stage directions, stage etiquette, how a production happens, costumes, lighting & sound, set & props, and audition techniques; and Skills: confidence in performance, cooperation in ensemble acting, and imagination in character development.

First Stage Players culminates in an in-class performance on the last day of class.

Circle Theatre Kids (4-6)

Circle Theatre Kids (CTK) is our production class for 4th-6th grade students. CTK meets on two campuses: Winter Park (Thursdays) and Winter Springs (Fridays) as a part of our Lower School extracurricular arts program (2:15pm – 3:30pm). Every student, no matter what ability or experience level, will learn valuable skills including voice projection, stage presence, movement & dance, collaboration, proper singing technique, and more!

Though Circle Theatre Kids is a part of our lower school extracurricular program, this is not simply an extracurricular class. CTK is a serious production class that requires outside rehearsal time (both at home and on campus), performance fees, and participation in fundraising and volunteering in order to offset the cost of our professional-quality family-friendly productions.

CTK students participate in two performance opportunities per year (one each semester) in fully-produced musicals: a Christmas musical with our 9th-12th grade Circle Theatre Company students, and a combined spring musical with all of our CTK students.

Circle Studio Players (7-9)

Circle Studio Players (CSP) is open by audition to students in 7th-9th grade. Students will use the acting techniques developed through a core acting class (Actor’s Lab, Acting 1-2) through participation in two shows per year. Students will gain valuable life skills including voice projection, public speaking, and collaborating with others through acting, singing, and dancing. This class meets once per week at our Winter Springs Campus as a part of our Upper School Theatre Program. Additional rehearsals outside of class time are also required. To read more about Circle Studio Players, click HERE!

Circle Theatre Company (9-12)

Circle Theatre Company is the production class for Circle School of the Arts (CSA) theatre students to demonstrate their acting skills through participation in shows. This class is only open to 9th-12th grade Circle School of the Arts students. In addition to participation in shows, all students work on an IP (Independent Project) of their choosing. These individual monologues and songs are juried each year. Extra rehearsals outside of class time are required. Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus (an online classroom component) is required. This class meets once a week on our Winter Springs Campus. To find out more about Circle Theatre Company click HERE.

Lower & Upper School Arts Electives

Circle offers Arts Class Electives to all Upper & Lower School students. these programs encourage creative thinking, self-expression, originality, emotional release, questioning, problem-solving, and a richer appreciation of the world, past and present.

Lower School Electives

Classes include:

Amazing Artists (K-3rd)
Studio Art (4th-6th)
Circle Singers (4th-6th)

For more information on these and other Lower School programs, please consult the Lower School Program Guide.

Upper School Electives

Classes include:

Actors Lab (7th-8th)
Visual Arts (Painting / Drawing) (7th-12th)
Acting 1, 2, 3, 4 (9th-12th)
Middle School Dance (7th-8th) and Dance Repertory 1-4 (9th-12th)

For more information on these and many other classes, please consult the Upper School Course Guide.