This two-day program is designed to train middle school students for the rigors of a high school college preparatory program. Through teacher directed in-class and online guidance, students receive planned weekly assignments and grades with an integrated Christian worldview. Parents engage and interact at home with their student through assignments and online learning with teacher supplied lessons and grades. We feature core academic and elective courses that follow typical grade-level scope and sequence. 

Program Details

Is Fundamentals right for you?

Fundamentals coursework demands serious academic attention and study skills. It is designed for students who are at or above grade level and who may be considering high school college-preparatory courses. As in any solid academic arena, a student must commit to doing the at-home assignments, including individual or group projects, actively participating in class, and seeking help at the first point of necessity. Consideration must be given to the amount time and concentration level required on the part of the student and the parent for successful student outcomes in the Fundamentals program, which are built upon good foundations in grammar, writing, math, science, and history.

How do Parents participate?

Because of the unique nature of courses at Circle, the parent’s role is vital for student success. Parents, student, and teachers form a cord of three strands in order to achieve the highest level of academic and personal training possible. Parents are expected to daily engage with their student’s coursework, assist with assignments as needed, and monitor their academic progress weekly on the eLearning Campus . Parents should model a positive attitude toward the classroom teacher, coursework, education, and commit to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

What's the Teachers role in Circle courses?

At Circle, teachers seek to transform lives to the glory of God; they do not just communicate information to students. Teachers come into the classroom prepared to challenge students beyond the basic level of an academic discipline. Teachers work to build relationships with students that encourage and inspire each student to attain their highest personal achievement in the academic arena and beyond. Teachers design lessons that maximize learning in the unique environment that Circle provides. Using a variety of instructional methods, teachers engage students in the curricula as well as provide feedback and accountability through grading and assessment. Teachers are encouraged to partner with parents in order to provide the best education possible for each student.

Which subjects are covered?

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • History
  • Arts Electives
  • Cooking
  • STEM Quest

What if I can’t get all the courses I want on one campus?

Classes may fill early, particularly on the Winter Springs campus. Students may take classes on either or both campuses.

Are the middle school courses designed to prepare my student for high school?

The coursework in Fundamentals is expected to prepare your student for the workload they experience as they enter the high-school classroom. Critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills are emphasized as well as study skills, note-taking, and organization. Fundamentals’ courses follow a model similar to Circle’s high school classes.

How do I know if my student is ready for Pre-Algebra (7th) or Algebra 1 Honors (8th)?

In order to provide the highest level for student success, a placement test needs to be administered to ensure correct evaluation and provide time for any needed remediation. Foundational skills for Pre-Algebra (7th) and Algebra 1 (8th) are assessed at registration. (This is a placement test, not an end-of-course exam. Since this is an assessment of acquired knowledge, your student should not need to prepare for this test.)

Students who score at or above 80% on the placement test are prepared for the class and enrollment will be confirmed. Students with scores below 80% on the placement test need to complete remediation over the summer and retake the placement test by July 1, 2018, to have enrollment confirmed. Circle offers Summer Math Success for Class Placement to assist student development for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I Honors success. This is a skill-focused, 6-week, on-site class taught by Circle math teachers and is designed specifically to remediate critical skills. To remain in the class, students must demonstrate a score of at or above 80% on the required placement test by July 1, 2018.

What role does the eLearning campus (eLC) play with the program? Is computer access necessary?

Circle’s eLearning Campus plays a significant role in our instructional model. The eLearning Campus is the educational partnership center for campus classes. Parents have 24-hour access through administratively assigned parental roles in the system to view course pages, assigned work, and student grades with teacher feedback. For privacy reasons, some areas are not accessible by parents such as forums, tests or quizzes, etc. Parents only have access to their student’s grades and may not access any other student’s work or grades. Parents are responsible for the information communicated through the eLearning Campus It is essential for communication and connection between teachers, parents, and students. Teachers blend classroom learning with at-home learning by using their class pages to enhance the weekly lessons on the eLearning site. Students may encounter discussion forums, digital field trips, links to resources, images and documents, as well as personal teaching videos that add to the rich learning experience of our high school classes through the technology of the eLearning Campus. Computer and internet access is required to be successful in our learning environment.


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Fundamental Courses

We offer courses at multiple campus locations and curriculum for home-education. Students have the opportunity to enroll in Honors, AP, and Dual-Enrollment classes.

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