Our mission is to partner with parents to encourage learning, strengthen families, and inspire legacies for God’s glory. As a fully accredited private school, Circle assists Christian families in providing Godly education and academic excellence. Using a university-hybrid model, our high school offers a wide selection of classes. Students enjoy class days and home days. Teachers guide lessons and assignments, while parents actively direct at-home learning.


7th & 8th Grades

This program is great for students who are preparing for high school who desire to follow a typical grade-level course structure; and parents who want to foster blended learning. We provide an online learning environment for families who want to wholly engage in their child’s learning experience without lesson preparation and grading for the chosen classes.

9th – 12th Grades

Circle offers a full range of academic and elective classes for high school (grades 9-12) students, including honors and dual-enrollment classes. Some arts and all theatre electives are grouped into a stand-alone instruction day. Courses follow typical grade-level scope and sequence and the university-hybrid model enrollment allows each student to build his/her own schedule.


9th-12th Grades

Circle School of the Arts serves to equip students to fulfill their God-given calling in the theatrical arts. Training includes acting techniques, dance technique and styles, vocal coaching and music skills, behind-the-scenes production experience. Students learn how to approach their studies, their craft, their art, and their entire lives, in a manner that fully integrates their personal faith in Jesus Christ.