About Circle

About Circle Christian School

Since 1985, Circle Christian School (CCS) has served Christian families in the Central Florida area. Enrollment at CCS, an FCCPSAAdvancED, and NCPSA accredited private school, provides each family the unique opportunity to individually address student academic needs while engaging in a supportive and inspiring school-wide community. Circle Christian School is the best of both worlds! We offer a university-hybrid model, where parents are active educators and Circle provides accredited private school programming!

The academic office maintains a record of student grades, curriculum, enrichment choices, and online standardized testing opportunities. High School students will benefit from Circle’s full-service Guidance Department including course planning, student and parent workshops, conferences, scholarship recommendations, official transcripts, dual-enrollment options, and Florida Bright Futures documentation. These services are universally provided to all students enrolled at Circle.

As an accredited private school that utilizes three Central Florida campus locations, Winter Park, Winter Springs, and Winter Garden, parents have the opportunity to choose classes and programs best suited to their student’s needs.

Through the university-hybrid model, students may attend classes at one of our three campus locations for one or more days of the week, while also working at home with the active involvement of parents partnering in their education. Grade levels K-12 benefit from small class sizes, community, and qualified teachers who care about developing a child’s heart and mind.

Students can also participate in a quality sports program and engage in outstanding extracurricular activities such as art, science, drama, and music. Circle athletes, competing against public and private schools, have won numerous district, regional, and state titles, and the Circle arts program has earned a distinguished reputation for family-friendly entertainment. To date, Circle has graduated over 1,750 students including 15 National Merit Scholars and 37 Commended Scholars.

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students

Circle Christian School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. However, because Circle is a distinctly Christian organization, the administration reserves the right to differentiate in areas of religious beliefs and affiliations.

Take A Closer Look

Enrollment in Circle Christian School is open to all Christian households that are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and are in agreement with Circle’s Doctrinal Statement. As a Christian School we adhere to the fundamentals of the Christian faith; however, we are not associated with any one church or denomination. At least one parent must be a Christian and agree to Circle’s doctrinal statement.

Circle’s model of education provides parents with the opportunity to choose their own curriculum with the guidance of a curriculum specialist for at home education, or choose one or more of our classes or programs.

Because of the hybrid university-based schedule at Circle, the parent’s role is vital for student success. Parents, students, and teachers form a cord of three strands that work together to achieve the highest level of academic development possible. For this reason, Circle requires one adult to be at home in order to provide active involvement for their student(s) on days when they are not on campus in their enrolled class(es). The amount of parent involvement at home varies depending on the course and instructor, as well as individual differences among students. Parents are expected to monitor their student’s progress weekly and to assist with assignments daily as needed. Parents are also to actively encourage their students to work to their highest potential and model a positive attitude toward the classroom teacher, coursework, and education.

Circle asks parents and students to covenant with the school by faithfully fulfilling all their responsibilities and complying with all school deadlines, financial commitments, policies, and procedures and to commit to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Circle desires to support each household in growing students in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Our passion is student success. 

Circle’s parent-directed model provides options for campus classes and homeschooling. Circle supports homeschooling parents with curriculum and record keeping advice and oversight. Classes are optional and may or may not be the best learning option for all students. An administrative evaluation of student records and an interview are required for class enrollment in Circle Christian School. 

Circle’s Upper School classes are based on an accelerated, university approach where students attend classes once or twice per week for each course. They are primarily college-prep, honors, and dual enrollment courses where 36 weeks of course standards or benchmarks are completed in just 30 weeks. The classroom structure includes multiple instructional transitions and is highly relational and engaging, requiring students to participate in class discussions, give presentations, and work in peer groups in addition to traditional note-taking. 

We have seen that the intensity and engagement of Circle’s format may not be conducive for success with students who have social difficulties, high anxiety, mood disorders, or have difficulty taking notes, reading aloud, transitioning quickly per instructions, understanding developmentally appropriate inferences, working with peers, or making presentations. 

In a parent partnership model, parent engagement is required for student success. A student may be accepted at Circle to homeschool with or without the option of Circle classes.

Enrollment & Tuition Fees:

These fees apply to all students and cover the administrative oversight of each student’s files. The fees cover student guidance, record keeping, and an annual testing service provided for grades 3-12. It also allows for your students to be involved in social events like park days, field trips, dances, and service opportunities. Costs for specific events are sold separately.

Participation Fees:

There are additional fees to participate in campus classes and programs, athletics, theatre, and extracurricular opportunities. These fees are based on the participation of the individual student and will be billed accordingly on the family’s financial statement.

Parents have the opportunity to direct and guide their child’s education with the support and leadership provided by Circle’s passionate and highly qualified teaching staff. Our class and program offerings are purchased on an a’la carte basis. When choosing classes or programs, parents must evaluate each child’s needs, as well as their ability to support the work at home.

Classes are chosen and purchased by the parent. The fees that are assigned to each course are then summarized on the family’s financial statement. It is the responsibility of each family to determine the viability of class enrollment based on their financial ability to pay all of the assigned fees. All fees are non refundable.