FACTS Frequently Asked Questions

Circle is partnered with the FACTS Management Company to simplify the process of making tuition payments and managing your tuition payment obligations.

Why Change the Way Payments are Processed?

  • Our desire is to improve the content and quality of our programs while increasing efficiency in the office.
  • We wanted to provide our families with 24/7 access to their statements and flexible payment options.

Why Did Circle Choose FACTS?

  • FACTS is an established vendor who services over 6,000 schools with their payment processing products.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support by in-house Customer Service Representatives.
  • FACTS offers convenient online payment plan sign-up and account management.
  • Families receive email or text payment reminders before payments are due.
  • Flexible payment options: ACH (Checking or Savings Account) or Credit Cards (AMEX, VISA, MC, Discover).
  • Families can pay bills through FACTS online or over the phone for tuition or other fees.
  • Secure payment processing:
    • ACH payments made through FACTS are insured up to $250,000 for each family
    • Credit Card Payments – FACTS offers the highest security, privacy, and compliance for our school and families.

Is My Family Required to Participate in This Program?

  • Yes.  All Circle families are required to participate in the FACTS program as part of their enrollment in the school.

What Are My Payment Plan Options?

Circle offers multiple choices:

  1. Monthly Payments (Traditional – 10 Month):
    • Spread your tuition balance over 10 monthly installments (August – May).
  2. Monthly Payments (New – 9 Month) ** RECOMMENDED**:
    • Spread your tuition balance over 9 monthly installments (August – January and March – May).  This plan allows families to pay a little bit more per month, and then skip a month, in February of each year, in order to allow families to pay the appropriate fees for re-enrollment and registration for the following school year during that month, without also having to make a tuition payment.
  3. Semi-Annual Payments
    • Pay your tuition in two installments.
  4. Payment in Full
    • FACTS is a quick, secure method for paying your tuition balance in full.

Is My Information Secure?

  • Yes. Your personal information, including payment information, is protected with the highest security standards in the industry. For more information on security, visit FACTSmgt.com.

When Will My Payments Be Due?

  • Your payment schedule is set by Circle Christian School, and your financial institution will decide the time of day your payments are processed.

What Happens When My Payment Falls On A Weekend Or A Holiday?

  • Your payment will be processed on the next business day.

What Happens If A Payment Is Returned?

  • Returned payments may be subject to a FACTS Returned Payment Fee; watch for a returned payment notice for additional information.  Circle does not have the ability to waive or adjust these fees when assessed.

How Do I Make Changes Once My Agreement Is On The FACTS System?

  • Changes to your address, phone number, email address, or banking information can be made at https://online.factsmgt.com or by contacting your Circle Christian School or FACTS. Any changes to payment dates or amounts need to be approved by Circle Christian School and then Circle Christian School will then need to notify FACTS.
  • All changes must be received by FACTS at least two (2) business days prior to the automatic payment date in order to affect the upcoming payment.

Does FACTS Offer Customer Service?

  • Yes.  FACTS is committed to doing all we can to provide you with the highest quality customer service in the industry. Whether you want to view your account online or speak with one of our highly trained customer service representatives, FACTS is dedicated to serving you. Customer Care Representatives are available to assist you 24/7.

If Payments Are Made Automatically From My Bank Account or Processed to My Credit Card, Does That Mean FACTS/Nelnet Business Solutions Or Circle Christian School Has Direct Access To My Account?

  • No. No one other than you and your financial institution has access to your account. When you set up automatic payments, you are solely authorizing an automatic payment.

Are These Transactions Secure?

  • Yes. You have more privacy with automatic payments than by writing a check. Bank research has shown that as many as 10 people handle a check from the time it is written until the funds are finally deducted from your account. Most checks include your name, address, phone number, and other financial information which can be easily copied. With electronic payments, the transaction passes electronically from bank to bank. Any information you share with us is completely confidential. We do not share any information with unauthorized third parties.

What if I have a question about my agreement or want to print my payment history?

  • You may check balances, tuition and fees paid, print reports, and view scheduled payments by logging in to your account at online.factsmgt.com, or you may call FACTS toll-free at 866.441.4637 for assistance.