Welcome To Circle Christian School Athletics

Circle Christian School is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association. Circle offers interscholastic competition at the elementary, middle and high school level. Varsity sports include basketball, bowling, cross-country, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, and track and field. Circle won state championships in boys golf in 2007, 2008, 2014, and 2017 state championship in girls golf in 2013, state championship in girls cross country in 2015 and 2017, and girls bowling in 2015. In 2016, Circle also won a national championship in girls bowling

Director of Athletics- Mark Caulfield

Mark is Circle Christian School’s newly appointed Director of Athletics. He had previously served as the Associate Athletic Director in addition to coaching the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Mark is passionate about developing competitive teams that strive for excellence while also building on the spiritual formations and life applications that athletics has the unique opportunity to build into each athlete. He looks to come alongside coaches and families to help strengthen community through teams that live Christ and compete in a way that glorifies God.  Mark holds a BS from the University of Florida in Health and Human Performance and has studied extensively at Reformed Theological Seminary. He married his high school sweetheart Karen and they have 3 grown children and 4 precious grandchildren.
Contact Info: markc@circlechristianschool.org

Athletic Program Purpose

The purpose of athletics at Circle is to provide a context for students to use their God given talent in the forum of physical competition. While athletics chiefly cultivate the physical element, they also produce excellent opportunity and “teachable moments”, to build the mental, social, and spiritual areas. The intent is to use athletics to bring a well-rounded “Luke 2:52” experience to the student who participates.

Team Goals

To represent the person of Jesus Christ and his character in a genuine manner in the spirit and arena of athletic competition.

To provide students with the opportunity to discover and develop their physical skills through participation in structured and controlled athletic practices and competition.

To develop athletes who are playing for the glory of God, with discipline and self-controlled attitudes, and with passion out of love for God, their coach, and their teammates.

To challenge athletes to strive for excellence in all phases of life:  respect for parents and family, commitment to academics, relationships with friends, and daily improvement in athletic skill. 

To teach athletes the positive benefit and value of lifelong physical fitness, training, and competition as a means to care for the body  – God’s temple. 

To teach athletes about character growth and maturity and how they are affected by the experiences of winning, losing, and competition.

To assist parents by providing an environment that will strengthen and reinforce the investments that they are striving to make in the lives of their children. 

To encourage and strengthen coaches while providing them with the opportunity to influence and teach others.

To cultivate a community of athletes and fans that will bring pleasure and enjoyment to the participants and will bring glory to God by earning the respect of those who observe their actions

Why Centurions?

The name “centurion” was suggested by former varsity basketball player, Brent Bond.  Brent and his teammates were tired of being a “no name” team.  The players wanted a name that portrayed a strong image but also had a solid spiritual connotation. The Roman soldier that Jesus commended in Luke 7:9 for his great faith met the criteria and the name was established.  Circle players are to be strong, disciplined, under authority, and possessing great faith.

Athletic Program FAQ

Are there any financial requirements for participation in athletics?

There are athletic participation fees that are assessed for each sport. These fees help offset the cost to participate in that sport. Because the fees do not completely cover all costs, teams are required to participate in fundraising activities.

How do I donate money to help pay for equipment or new uniforms?

We welcome your tax-deductible donations to the Booster Club, payable to Circle Christian School. These donations may be designated for a specific reason and to a specific sport by request, based upon approval of the Booster club. For more information, contact Tim Werner, Athletic Director.

Who is eligible to be selected to the Varsity teams?

Athletes in grades 6 – 12 may participate in FHSAA sports if they are selected for the team based on their talents determined in try-outs. Some sports only have a varsity team in which to participate

Are Circle athletes eligible to receive athletic scholarships for college?

Yes. Many Circle students have received college athletic scholarships based upon their performance in contests, academics, and the availability of scholarships to the colleges of his/her choice.

Do I have to be enrolled in Circle to participate in Circle sports?

No. Circle Athletics are open to any county registered home education students, as well as our current enrolled students. Forms and Fees for non-students must be collected and paid before the start of the season. If you are a Home Ed student, and would like more information, please contact Tim Werner, Athletic Director.

Do athletes receive a varsity letter and/or letter jacket for their achievements?

Yes, letters are provided for anyone who qualifies, as deemed by the coach, but jackets, are not. If a parent would like to purchase a letter jacket,, they may do so.

Are athletes required to return their uniforms at the end of each season?

Yes. Athletes are required to return their uniforms in good condition at the end of the season. The Team Managers will assist with this process. The cost of any uniforms not returned will be billed to the family.

Are there more opportunities for elementary and middle school students coming?

Yes. Circle is developing more opportunities for middle school athletes, but many will also include younger grades. Currently, basketball, soccer and track are offered for elementary aged students, and all of our current varsity offerings also have a MS offering.

What is FHSAA?

Currently there are several options:

  • KAP (Kids At Play) – KAP is a program designed for students in grades K-6. Students meet once a week for the purpose of exposure to different team sports and physical fitness. KAP is offered at each lower school campus location (M/T/Th/F) beginning at 1:50pm.
  • Summer Sports Camps – CCS offers Sports Camps for students in grades K-8 during the summer months to expose students to a variety of team sports. This summer camps include volleyball, basketball, golf and soccer.