11 Mar 2018

Welcome Laura Miller to the Upper School Faculty

We are excited to announce Laura Miller will be joining our staff for the 2018-19 school year. She’ll be teaching 7/8th grades Science.

Ms. Laura Miller holds a BA in Biology from University of Minnesota with a minor in Fine Art. She has taught over the last 15 years, both art and science classes, as well as had the pleasure of homeschooling her two children with Circle from K-12. Ms. Miller loves the parent-directededucation model that CCS provides for its families and students and is very excited to be back teaching at her children’s alma mater. With her science and art degrees, Ms.Miller appreciates the complexities and intricacies of God’s creation, in awe of our Creator. She enjoys sharing her passion with her students. Her desire is for students to get excited to learn more about Him and the work of His hands from the tiniest single-celled organism to the largest blue whale, from the laws of gravity to the law of nature, as well as to steward and preserve His beautiful creation using their unique, God-given, talents and individual abilities.

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