4 Apr 2018

“The Tale of Fred” by Caleb Liljeros

“The Tale of Fred”
Caleb Liljeros, CCS Freshman

Once upon time, there was a boy by the name of Fred.  He lived in a small apartment in Manhattan, New York but then they had to move for his dad’s work.  They moved all the way down south to Tampa, Florida.  But that is not where our story takes place, because they moved again, to Chicago, and then to D.C. and then to Salem, Oregon and then Austin, Texas and then to Chzeclovokia, and then to Hawia and a then few other places.  Not exactly sure what his dad’s job was, but he obviously had to move a lot for work.  Anyways, they ended up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and by this time Fred was still only 12.

One day, Fred’s mom, who worked in photography was hired for a job for taking some pictures for a book.  The setting of the book was in The Dust Bowl from about 1930 to 1936.  She had to take pictures of things and make it look like they were in the dust bowl (It was a fictional story so it was all right if they were fake).  She decided that her son was the perfect age for a picture of a boy in the book so she decided to use him for the picture.  He wasn’t very happy about this.  He hated pictures.  His mom forced him.

So when it came the day to take the picture, instead of setting up props or going and finding a place that looked like the dust bowl, they went into a building.  Fred was not expecting this at all and it discombobulated him.  In the building they went into a small room with all sorts of weird, random, and random (yes it needed to be said twice) clothing.  They had him dress up in some old worn out clothes that looked like they were from the 1930’s.  They then made him come and stand in front of a large, neon green canvas with lights and cameras all around him.  After about an hour of adjusting lights and cameras and how he was standing, and where he had his hands and arms, and which way he was facing, and what the expression was on his face, etc. they finally got the picture just right and he was done.  He almost cried with joy.

After quite a bit of work the other workers photoshopped a background where the neon green was and made it look like he was in the desert during the dust bowl.  Fred’s mom had to take a few more pictures for the book, but that was the only one he was in.  When the book was finished and published it sold quite well and Fred’s mom got paid a little extra because of that.  They all lived (mostly) happily ever after, THEND.

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