30 Apr 2006

The Baton Has Been Passed

As a former track and field athlete on a 440 yard relay team (that’s what they called it back then!), “passing the baton” is a familiar expression to me. It meant several things: first, a smooth and perfect handoff was necessary . . . no dropped batons! Then, it meant I was to turn and run towards the next runner as fast as I could. I was to focus on my leg of the relay and do my best to insure the TEAM was successful. Lastly, because I was not typically the anchor on the team (the fastest runner!), I was to hand off to the next person to finish the race. I am very excited to have received the CCS athletic baton from Coach Sam Couch. We have worked together the past few months to assure a smooth handoff.

While I have much to learn, Sam has successfully passed on to me his understanding of this position and has been a great help in training me as his successor. I will work hard to ensure no baton gets dropped and just ask each of you to be patient in this transition. Your prayers are much appreciated! I will be running my leg with focus in an attempt to insure not only a successful transition, but an exciting future ahead for Circle athletics. I will hold onto and run with the baton as long as God tells me to and I pray that HE will receive all the glory for what HE will do through me and through HIS athletes at Circle Christian School. Go, Centurions!!!

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