13 Aug 2017

Swim News – 8-13-17

The CCS swim team has been working hard this week in the water and on the land. The swimmers exercise on land for 30 minutes prior to swimming. Since our wonderful team has grown to 39 swimmers this year, Coach Caporaso and Coach Nielsen are making some changes with the dry land workouts. On Mondays, the swimmers will be divided into 2 groups, and each group will complete a Tabata workout. This is a high intensity type of interval workout.

On Wednesdays, the swimmers will be divided into 4 groups to create 4 stations. Two stations will focus on cardio and the other two will focus on strength training. The swimmers will rotate to each station every 4 ½ minutes until they have completed all 4 stations. This past Wednesday, battle ropes were introduced to the team. Battle ropes are used for working the upper body (core and arms). We are gradually introducing the stations to the swimmers.

Every Friday the team will be running. Swimmers, if you want to jazz it up, wear some crazy socks next Friday. Every workout is followed up with static stretches before the swimmers enter the pool.

Reminder: Ice Cream Social will follow practice on Friday (8/18) at Chewy Boba and Frozen Yogurt. Don’t forget to RSVP with Coach Stone so she can let the business know how many will be coming.

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