24 Sep 2017

Swim News – 10-1-17

The CCS Swim Team was very busy this week with practice and a meet against Lake Highland Prep.  Our swimmers did a fantastic job against a highly competitive team!  I am so very proud of the work the put into their events and the support they gave their fellow swimmers both CCS and LHP!  Quite a number of our swimmers swam new events for the first time.  It was a challenge for them, but they all did well.  While swimming these events they learned life lessons that will help them live successful lives.

Have you ever wondered what a swim meet is like?  Please click here and see how much fun we have!

Two weeks ago the team was divided into three different practice groups:  Distance, IM, and Sprint 1 & 2.  Each group has a separate workout that focuses on the type of individual events they would be competing in at Districts.  We now have the diving blocks each Friday so we can practice our events with a competitive dive. Two weeks ago the coaches used the time on the blocks to get 50 yard times on every ones Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and almost everyone’s Butterfly.  These times will be used to help put together the best relay teams possible for our upcoming meets and Districts.

Our next meet will be on Tuesday 10/3 against Orangewood Christian School at the Westmonte Pool in Altamonte Springs.  It’s going to be a great meet and I know all of our swimmers are going to do really well!

The swim team will be having a fundraiser at Chipotle after the meet.  Please come out and support our CCS Swim Team while having a wonderful meal.  If you show them the flyer 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the team.

The following article was written by Danny Pearson.  He is a CCS Soccer player, but decided to give swim a try this year.  See what he has to say about cross-training with the CCS Swim team.

If you are like me and have never been a part of a swim team, I can provide a glimpse of what it is like. Remember that one time you went running? It’s just like that, except you’re not allowed to breathe. Despite the many gulps of pool water I have swallowed in these past weeks, swimming has been incredible. There are lessons to be learned from any sport, yet swim has a different emphasis and flavor. I joined the team this year to prepare myself for the coming soccer season and my experience in swim is limited. There are some obvious differences between swim and soccer. In soccer, the players need to learn to work as a team, so team chemistry, strategy, and foot skill are important. Swim is not a team sport, so it emphasizes different aspects. Swim focuses on personal fitness, technique, and grit. Coach Stone, Nielsen, and Caporaso make it their top priority to make sure that each and every person on the team can learn to swim well and to live well. By this I mean that they teach us the fundamentals of the sport but also practical ways to build our character as well. Coach Stone pushes us to achieve and gives us an example of Christ’s love, even if it means giving us tough love through instruction. Swimming is very difficult and swimmers possess a unique spirit of determination, but being part of this team has been worth overcoming the challenges of being new to the sport.

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