20 Nov 2016

Senior Deadlines Due December 1

Seniors, as we shared at the Senior Meeting, the senior year is filled with deadlines.

December 1, 2016 Deadlines will soon be due:

  1. Confirmation of Volunteer Service Hours sent to Records Office (find this form here)
  2. Final university applications sent out – State College applications due by Jan.15, 2017
  3. All students must have qualifying test results on file for graduation

NOTE: If you have not met all of the following deadlines that were due on November 1, 2016, please take care of those requirements immediately.

November 1, 2016 Deadlines:

  1. Blue senior transcript (with corrections and parent’s signature)
  2. Confirm & write second semester subjects on the blue transcript
  3. Release of College Exam Scores Forms (white) if in your packet
  4. Initial College and/or Career Information (find this form here)

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