29 Oct 2006

Pink Pinkies

I am so very thankful for all that God is doing at Circle. I have the distinct honor and pleasure to interface with many families. This week my life has been blessed beyond measure by Tim Crebs and his three precious children, Kaley, Kyle, and Chloe.

Let me share part of their story. Lynn Crebs received word on October 3 that her cancer had returned and was in her liver. Two weeks later she was in the arms of Jesus. As a school body, we were praying and asking GOD for a miracle and we loved on the family.

The family has shown tremendous resolve to keep going. Lynn wanted it that way. The days ahead will be challenging but we believe God will show them an added measure of grace in their time of sorrow.

This past Monday Tim met with Marie and me to begin going over what he is now going to need to understand as he journeys with Kyle and Chloe in high school. The time with Tim was very precious. His testimony of GOD’s amazing grace and HIS provision for them brought the three of us to tears. As the meeting was wrapping up, I noticed that Tim had his wedding ring finger painted with a bright pink nail polish. I could not help but ask him the meaning of this unique sight. His story has inspired us to pray for a movement of GOD through the families at Circle and who knows how far beyond.

Tim shared that on the day before Lynn died, Chloe and her friend Ashley were sitting on Lynn’s bed with her and decided to paint her fingernails pink. This was not any ordinary pink; it was an awful color pink. Because Lynn’s liver was shutting down, her skin color was orange and the combination of her skin and the polish made for a ghastly sight. Everyone enjoyed the moment.

On Wednesday morning after she had passed away, Tim awoke and was praying and seeking GOD for the comfort that HE had been promised. He was remembering her last day and as he reflected on the nail polish moment, the LORD gave him an idea: Paint the fingernail on your wedding finger with the pink nail polish and when someone asks why are you wearing nail polish, you would share it is for two reasons. The first reason is to pray for a cure for breast cancer. The second would be to tell the story of Lynn’s life and the incredible impact and influence she had on all who knew her. Tim would then ask all his family and friends to paint their pinkies and begin sharing the story. The family members would paint “the pinkie fingernail” on their left hand and friends would paint their “the pinkie fingernail” on their right hands.

This simple activity has become a source of tremendous bonding and encouragement. It serves as a point of connection with the Crebs and is an amazing reminder that cancer needs a cure. We have the opportunity to share Lynn’s story and impact our world TODAY!

This story has opened up many conversations that I believe will bring a lasting impact for eternity. I am so very grateful for the living examples of GOD’s love, comfort, and community as has been seen through the Crebs, the Gerlts, the Howards, and the Pratts during this year.

I pray that I will NEVER take today for granted. I pray that I would NEVER take my relationships for granted. I pray that I would NEVER wait to show my love and appreciation to ALL who have touched my life. So, here is my written tribute to these four precious families.

You have shown me GOD in your loss,
You have lifted my eyes to heaven,
You have given me perspective for today, and
You have inspired me to live with great anticipation and HOPE.
I thank you!

Cherish each day as a priceless gift.
Have an AWESOME week!

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