Werners 2013The seeds for Circle Christian School were planted in 1983 when founders Jim and Linda Werner started homeschooling their oldest child as she began kindergarten. The benefits of parent-directed education were such a blessing that homeschooling quickly became a lifestyle for the young family. Relationships, academics, character development, and life experiences became the four themes upon which they focused their attention.

In 1985 the Werners joined with a small group of families to establish Circle Christian School. In the years that followed Circle has become one of the foremost non-traditional schools in the nation. Jim and Linda continue to lead the organization and passionately seek to encourage learning, strengthen families, and inspire legacies for God’s glory.

In addition to their responsibilities at Circle, Jim and Linda share their passion for personal growth and strong families through Legacy Principles.

The Werners have five married children and fifteen grandchildren.