13 Aug 2006

One Thing I Know

This week was the opening of the group classes. There were new places that needed to be set, new paperwork that had to be delivered, new staff that needed to be trained, and I was tired. It has been a long summer. The summer has gone faster than any summer I have ever experienced but I had an experience this week that will be forever etched in my heart.

On May 3, I received an email from Willow Creek Association inviting me to attend the Annual Leaders’ Summit which was to be held August 10-12. It was here in Orlando and many of my favorite speakers and mentors would be on the speaker’s platform. I immediately registered and put the dates in my schedule and went back to all that was on my plate.

The truth that I want to share is simple. This one thing I know; we cannot keep the pace that we are running without times of renewal. We know and we say it but until you break away, you will not understand the energy and the excitement that will be yours by simply being recharged.

I stepped away for a three-day time of renewal in the work that God has called me and I am so excited. I have been given a fresh perspective on my role as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a leader. I have been given new ideas that will allow me to go further than I would have been able to go if I kept the crazy pace. I have connected with others that were there and we are excited about new discussions and new dreams. It was AWESOME!!

My encouragement this week is for you to look at your schedule and put times in your calendar NOW before all of the other activities scream for your attention. Find others who will encourage you in the calling God has on your life. When this week arrived, I wondered how long I could keep the pace. I begged God to refresh my body and my spirit and by simply stepping away for personal renewal and rejuvenation and new learning, I feel like I can now conquer the world…for at least another quarter!

Have an AWESOME week!

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