21 Aug 2006

One of One

On Saturday I had the privilege to watch the 4th Grade Video workshop presented by Bobb Biehl. I was reminded again of the importance of several key truths:
1. Take time to be your child’s cheerleader.
2. This year, this day, is just one of one!

Your children need to know that you are their greatest cheerleader. Have you told your children how much you love them and appreciate them? Do they know that you are so very proud of them? Write a note of thanks this week or simply stop in the busyness of your day and tell them, “I love you!” It is a beautiful exercise that not only refreshes your spirit but it will be a HUGE blessing to the one who hears your words.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to enjoy or to spend time with your family. This day, this year, is one of one. Your child will never be 5 or 15 again. Will you make the most of every moment? Today is the day that God has given you. Enjoy it in a whole new way!

Have an AWESOME week!

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