26 Nov 2006

My Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend Tradition

It has become a tradition; not sure how, but it has. Every Thanksgiving weekend I am drawn to overstuffed closets and cupboards at my house. Some may have this weekend for the accumulation of MORE; I have for the past five years seen it as a weekend of decluttering. Say that it is weird…but I know for me, it is something that has proved to be a very invigorating task. This weekend Jim and I have been at our home in Clermont getting it ready to put on the market. Our beautiful, lakefront home is getting ready to be sold and every person we talk to tells us the importance of clearing it out. The instructions are . . . Simplify, Declutter, Clean. This, they promise, will promote a good showing and a quick sale!

I want to share a simple truth that hits me every time I do this exercise. We are people of great need. We want things and we want more. I had clothes in my closet that I wore ten years ago. I kept them just in case I might like them again. Why? I love new styles and I am always looking for the great sale at my favorite stores so why hold on to old stuff? Why do I keeping accumulating things that only clutter my closet? Why keep shopping when I already have two great pair of jeans that I love?

We worked hard, we worked together, and we did it! One day and many bags later, we accomplished our goal. When it was over, I began to reflect on the spiritual side of the exercise and this is what encouraged me. God wants my focus. He wants me to be able to see clearly but often times there are too many things and activities that cause me to be distracted. I lose sight of what I truly have. I want things I do not need and I am often lost in the overwhelming distraction of maintaining too many things. When I had finished cleaning out and organizing my closet and was able to arrange everything in an orderly fashion, I had a great sense of peace. I felt as if I could see more clearly and I had a true sense of what I really had. Between now and the new year, take time to reflect, re-evaluate, re-prioritize, and refresh your commitment.

Think first about your relationship with your Savior and then focus on the impact you are having on others in your life. This is important for your relationships as well as your own personal wellbeing. When we are refreshed, we handle change and new things with a whole different attitude.

Try this exercise this week. Take one closet or one area that you KNOW has to be addressed for reorganization or cleaning and tackle it with enthusiasm. When you have completed the task, you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. I promise.

By the way, if you know anyone looking for a large, beautiful, lakefront home in Clermont, I know the perfect house!

Have an AWESOME week!

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