1 Oct 2017

Middle School Soccer News – 10-1-17

For all of you real soccer lovers, the game this past week had a little bit of everything and then some! Our Centurions took the pitch on Monday in a rematch (lost 0-3 in Week #1) against ICS, showing the confidence and skill needed to arrive at a different outcome. This game in particular really displayed how much our team has come together over the past few weeks with players connecting on crisp passing and aggressive play. Our offense is looking for each other down the field, our defense continues to frustrate opponents, and Cade and Will always show up as more than formidable keepers. This team is fun to watch!  Now back to the game…

Midway through the 2nd half of a well-played scoreless game, Deborah found Joseph who launched a shot to take our team up 1-0. Our defense went to work once again and played great ball, but ICS delivered the equalizer late in the game to tie the match at 1. And just when you thought we would walk off the field with a well-earned tie, the refs called for overtime play! Five minutes of fast-paced play ended in the same result, so both teams went to best-of-five penalty kicks. After some finely-placed shots and heroics by the opposing keepers, both teams connected 3 times to find themselves all tied-up once again. So, onto sudden-death penalty kicks!

While our team took a tough loss in sudden-death, they held their heads high coming off the pitch knowing just how far they’ve come this season. Coach Lauretta has found the chemistry needed to take on the best teams in the division, and our 4-4 Centurions look to finish strong down the stretch with the playoffs within reach. Come out and cheer on our team as they go on the road to face Faith on Tuesday and end our regular season at Geneva on Thursday.

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