4 Jun 2006


I love the word “Legacy”. It makes me think about how I want to be
remembered. It makes me think of the lives I have had an opportunity to
impact and influence. I love the thought of shaping my children in such a
way that they will be marked by what was important to our family.

It makes me smile to think that one day our children will carry on
something that their dad and I did because it impacted them. Even as I
write this, I smile as I think about this weekend and all that GOD allowed
us to walk through with our son Timothy.

Tim has been looking for a new car. This was to be the week in which the
purchase was to be made. But the negotiations with the dealer did not go
well and Jim felt it was important to walk out of the deal. Tim was
devastated. He did not understand. Jim felt terrible for Tim but could not
ignore his lack of peace regarding the deal. We spent the evening sharing
with Timothy our confidence that God had either spared him from
something or that there was something better for him.

Later that evening Tim found a car that was better than he could have
imagined. GOD showed up BIG on Tim’s behalf. God gave Tim a tangible
lesson that He can be trusted.

I want to leave a legacy. I do not want to leave a memory or a simple
inheritance. Reggie Joiner says, “An inheritance is something you leave for
your kids, and a legacy is something you leave in them. I want to
proactively build character, trust, decision-making skills, vision, relational
skills, and courage in my kids so they can carry those qualities to the next
generation.” Neal Postman, Culture Critic for N.Y.U., said, “Children are
the living messages we send into a time we will not see.”

Do you see the opportunity that you have today to encourage, build, and
press forward the children that God has sovereignly placed in your care? It
is not just about today. It is about the legacy that you will send into future
generations. Embrace that truth today with full vigor!! Your children and
grandchildren will be forever grateful!

Have an AWESOME week!

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