29 Jun 2018

Girls Bowling Team Competes at HS National Championship

Congratulations to our Girls Bowling Team for finishing 3rd last week at the 2018 US High School Bowling National Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. The team was one of twenty-six schools from throughout the Country that were invited to compete over a 3-day period in both team and individual championships. The Circle Team was represented by Elise Chambers, Grace Bringham, Ainsley Chambers, Macy Barber, Alexia Chambers, and Gianna Bringham. The team tournament began early Saturday morning with qualifying rounds and extended throughout the day and into the evening as the team continued to advance through the survivor rounds of top 16, 8, and eventually the Final Four teams. The Centurions fought valiantly where they would eventually finish in 3rd place. Two-time Florida State Champion Oviedo High School also represented Florida in the team tournament and would finish 10th. On Sunday and Monday, Championship competition continued with the Singles event.

Each of the seven-round eliminated more of the near 200 individual bowlers. All of Circle bowlers would qualify into the survivor rounds and would eventually finish impressively with Elise in 12th place, Ainsley in 16th Place, Alexa in 28th Place, Macy in 43rd place, and Grace in 77th place. Additionally, Circle Boys top bowler for 2018, Ryan Bare, would also make the trip and compete in the Singles Competition against 300 of the top bowlers in the nation and would finish in 94th place. Well done Circle! We are proud of you!

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