1 Oct 2017

Fall Extension Week 2017

The week of October 9-13 is Circle’s Fall Extension week.  No campus classes will be held during the week so we may provide our students the opportunity to compete in national testing or complete unfinished work. The Pre-ACT will be offered on Tuesday, October 10. College Board’s PSAT exam that also serves as the National Merit Qualifying exam is provided on Wednesday October 11.

NOTE: Both tests will be administered at Calvary Orlando due to hurricane damage at Killarney Church.

Additionally, students needing grade-level NWEA Measurement of Academic Progress tests have been contacted by the office. Each family received notification indicating exactly which exam(s) is required for their student.

Students that will not be testing during the extension week may utilize the time in reviewing, preparing for upcoming projects, taking a field trip, or possibly enjoying a day off. Simply calendar each day’s events in your student’s Dashboard.

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