24 Sep 2006

Failure to Look Up

Last week Jim and I spent four days at the beach with our two granddaughters. It was such great fun. One day I had invited a friend over for the day. She had two daughters so the day was set to be a wonderful time for everyone. The four girls played while Joann and I caught up on conversation.

Jim had set up our new canopy tent so we were set. As we enjoyed the day, God impressed a very powerful truth on my heart. Drifting. How does it happen? What does it feel like? How long does it take to move away from the person or thing that is important?

The girls were in front of us playing in the ocean. The current was rough and they were given instruction to be careful and to keep their eyes on the canopy. Jo and I started talking and before we knew it, the children had drifted two condos down the beach. We immediately called them in and brought them back near us where they could play.

Here is what I have pondered as a result of that experience. Drifting occurred because the girls failed to look up and keep their eyes on the big green canopy. They were having fun and in no time they were down the beach out of our line of sight. It was innocent, it happened quickly, and it could have been dangerous.

When I fail to look up to my Savior and keep my eyes on HIM, I can so easily drift. Before I know it, I have lost my way, I am out of line, and I could be in dangerous territory, bad thinking, questionable relationships, or inappropriate activities; you name it.

It is only through a focused time of keeping my eyes on God that I will be held in a safe place. It is absolutely impossible to live in this culture without a strong, persevering resolve to know the work that GOD has for me.

The current of this world is wicked, turbulent, and destructive. If we do not continue to look up, we will be faced with the prospect of being swept away. Do you have a mooring point? Who or what is your anchor? Do you have your eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith? Hebrews 12:2

It is not enough to say that you are a Christian and that everything will be OK. We must passionately fight for relationships and intimacy so that we will be able to enjoy all that GOD has for us. Satan is out to pull us into the riptides of this present culture.

Have you drifted? Have you lost sight of your mooring? Do you know why you are giving your life to your children through educating them at home? Maybe you have failed to look up and seek God’s face. He wants to speak to you and show you great and mighty things that HE has planned for you, but you must find Him. Jeremiah 29:11

Take time this week and think about where you are in the picture you want for your life, your relationships, and your homeschooling experience. Ask God to help you come back to HIS place.

It is a simple act of being still long enough and asking Him to show you HIS ways. Spend time in HIS Word, reach out to others that can help you come back and remember to look up. HE has not moved; He is waiting for YOU!

Have an AWESOME week!

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