27 Aug 2006

Enjoy the Moment

I reminded myself to enjoy this moment, this day, this week, this year because they will never be in 6th, 7th, 10th, or 12th grade again. We can never go back here and take the time, throw the football, swim in the pool, go to the park, talk about their joys and disappointments in that moment.

We had a rough Monday morning with attitudes, heart issues, and academic frustrations, and I wasn’t keen on wanting to cheer about anything. As He so softly does, God prompted my heart and my own wrong attitudes; I went to apologize to those I had offended, thankful for God’s compassion on me and my children. God drew another clear picture for our family but with deeper applications for cherishing the moment.

Mike was returning from a parent meeting Tuesday night around 10pm. He was within five minutes of our home when he was hit by a man heavily under the influence to the extent this man wasn’t even aware he had hit anyone let alone the concrete light pole. Once I heard Mike’s voice and knew everyone was okay, all I could do was thank God and express gratitude for His protection on my dear husband. The stark reality of what could have been ran through my mind, yet the gentle reminder of expressing I love you and the unspoken words of appreciation stayed with me.

This morning at breakfast I spoke to the children about the fact we often forget to tell others I love you or thanks to a friend for how they treat you or challenge you spiritually. We are all incredibly thankful to our Heavenly Father for the outcome in our family and His protection but REMEMBER, we only have TODAY to say those heart words or to give the warm hugs.

CHERISH THE MOMENT – take the time; it’s gone before we realize it!

Have an AWESOME week!
Joyce Icardi is a CCS mom of five children ages 11-20.

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