Circle is proud to offer the opportunity for qualified Juniors and Seniors to dual enroll on Circle campus. Circle has partnered with Southeastern University. Our Circle teachers have completed the credentialing documentation by SEU. Students will earn both High School credits and College credit hours. Please review the dual enrollment (DE) application process carefully by clicking the appropriate link below. Please email all applications to [email protected] or drop off at the Circle office.

PERT Update 2/8/21

Circle students will no longer be able to take the PERT at Seminole State College.  With their COVID restrictions, they have changed their policy to only test their registered students. We’ve contacted other schools and found Daytona State College – New Smyrna campus will allow our students to test there. If you would like to take a test on the New Smyrna Beach-Edgewater Campus, please contact them directly for an appointment at 386-423-6328 or email [email protected]

Students must take all three sections: reading, writing and math regardless of the courses they wish to dual enroll. We use all three sections to evaluate a composite score. For example, if you are not interested in taking College Algebra, you still must take the math portion of the PERT.

When you get your PERT scores, please forward the copy to [email protected]