The Vision

In 2019, Linda Werner—Co-founder at Circle Christian School and founder of Legacy Principles is excited to launch a new initiative called Conversations That Matter. It is her vision to create winsome environments that bring people together to learn, connect, and grow. As a mentor to women and leader in alternative education since 1983, Linda has seen the power of fellowship. Relationships matter most in life. Meaningful conversations, at just the right time, have the potential to radically shape a life and to change the course of a family’s story. This year, the initiative will include: 
  • Free Homeschooling Seminars
  • Men’s Retreat
  • Women’s Weekend with Susan Yates, author of And Then I Had Kids & Risky Faith
  • Outdoor Adventure Day for Rising 6th and 7th graders
  • And many other gatherings that will seek to engage in meaningful conversations at just the right time.

Hear The Vision

Why This Focus Now?

Culture is significantly influencing the Christian family. Marriages are under pressure, children are crying out for stability and leadership, peer pressure is a challenge to both parent and child, and everyone wonders how they will keep up. You begin to wonder, what are the concerns that need to be addressed? What am I doing now that needs to be redirected or changed? What do I need to continue doing to build my family?
Building strong families takes work. It not only requires learning truths, but it demands a community of like-minded families who see a greater picture and future than what our culture has to offer. You’ve said “yes” to an alternative method that is often times not understood by your family or even your church. We are here to be your connection and affirm the calling that brought you to your homeschooling decision as well as offering encouragement to help you go “one more day”.  In light of Circle’s mission, we are committed to bringing education and personal growth opportunities to parents and students in order for their legacy to be great. 

Start The Conversation 

We invite you to attend one of these upcoming events: