Episode 2 – Strategies For Living A Life in Rhythm


Lessons learned from Your Life in Rhythm, by Bruce Miller

KAIROS Rhythm Strategies – Related to Seasons

•  Release Expectations – this is the commitment to live well in the current season…not looking back…or wishing to go forward.  Fully embrace where you are.

• Seize Opportunities- Make the most of this opportunity that is now yours

• Anticipate what is next – Anticipation breeds HOPE!

CHRONOS Rhythm Strategies – Related to time and calendars

• Pace Yourself – Cannot run the same pace every day.

• Build Rituals – What are life-enhancing rituals that you can explore that you can enjoy every day?

• Oscillate Between Work and Rest – Strategic Withdrawal |  Weekly Sabbath

Episode 3 – Four Things To Remember


  1. Do not walk alone.
  2. Pace Yourself.
  3. Learn to be an encourager.
  4. Your life is more powerful than your academic lessons.