3 Sep 2006


Dr. George Pransky says, “Commitment is a whole-hearted, single-minded pre-disposition to a person or activity.” I have asked myself over the last several weeks why am I so committed to Circle School and homeschooling. I thought that as the end of our family’s homeschooling experience approached, I would feel like running and jumping and screaming, “I am out of here!!” but that has not been the case. I am on a very interesting personal journey. I am asking God and myself many questions; questions that I believe have helped me understand more fully who I am and what is my single-minded purpose. The questions have been related to my story.

I have journeyed back to the defining scenes of my life; scenes that have made a lasting impression on my heart. I have even looked at the tragedies of my life and I have been challenged to view them as passion starters, works of God that He began in order for me to see His plan for me. My tragedies have played a huge role in making me the passionate woman I am today. I am excited to understand these truths in a new way. My story is very simple. I am a woman who wants my life to count for God and His glory. I am committed; committed to my God, my husband and our marriage, and our children. I have a whole-hearted, single-minded predisposition to them.

Today, I have a yearning for a new commitment. It is a desire to be part of building something for the future. I want to influence and empower a community of families that has a desire to influence their children in Godly values and education. I pray everyday that God will open doors through others so that the work of Circle School will continue for the next generation. Homeschooling our children and learning how to relate in a family unit have not been easy. The needs and different personalities of the people in my household and all the things that were on me personally were at times overwhelming. I often felt like I would have to wait to discover my purpose. On the contrary, God used the greenhouse of homeschooling to make me understand my roles, my unique gifts, and the truth that I had a very special purpose to fulfill in my generation.

The chapter of my story that involves journeying with my peers will soon be over, but the next chapter opens at the end of this year when our youngest son graduates from high school and our oldest granddaughter graduates from kindergarten. I am passionate about influencing and empowering the next generation of couples who say, “Help me! I know this is what God has called me to do but I do not know where to begin.” I cannot wait to see what the next scenes will be. I am excited for the young mothers I am interfacing with today. They want so much to stand strong. They want to see God show up BIG for them and their families! They want to know that the road is a road well traveled and worth the commitment of time and personal sacrifice. Mothers of many children need to know that there is a place for them to find support and encouragement. Psalms 127:3 says, “Lo, children are a gift from God and the fruit of his womb is his reward.”

My prayer this week for you is that you will stay committed. Do not let everyone and everything pull you away from your whole-hearted, single-minded pre-disposition to train and influence your children for the glory of God. Stay committed to your marriage. Your children MUST see how relationships work. Pray like never before, and do not give up!

Have an AWESOME week!

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