31 May 2019

CCS Specific Textbook Orders, Rentals, & Materials Fees

In order to simplify the process and increase convenience, there are revisions to the CCS specific textbook ordering and materials fees. Most textbooks are not ordered through CCS. Most parents use Amazon Smile to order books from the Upper or Lower School booklists so the school receives a small benefit from the purchases made.

View the textbook and materials lists under “Preparation” on the Admissions Planning Guide.

Rental Books

Rental books will still follow the same process using this rental form. Required textbook rentals are available for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Chemistry 1 Honors, Chemistry 2 Honors, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. 

The deadline for securing a rental book is June 28. You will need to pick up the book from the office this summer. Books are not distributed on campus. 

Materials Fees (including some prior lower school book purchases or subscriptions)

You will no longer need to fill out a separate ‘order form’ for the materials for CORE 4, CORE 5, CORE 6, STEM Lab (7-8), 3-D Art and Principles of Engineering. Materials fees will be placed on your account statement as a “Class Materials” and will be reflected on your FACTS system account at the end of June.

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