Board of Directors

Jim Atchison

Jim is a servant of Jesus Christ, devoted husband to Elli Atchison for 25 years, and father to three amazing children that they homeschool together.  Jim is a passionate conservationist of wild life and wild places, private investor, philanthropist and businessman. Jim had a 30-year career at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment where he started as a teenage parking lot attendant before retiring as CEO and President in 2015.  He has served on numerous corporate, charitable, conservation and faith-based boards, traveled to dozens of cities across six continents and given hundreds of interviews to various national and international media outlets. Jim holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of South Florida where he also played soccer and an M.B.A from the University of Central Florida.

Regarding Circle

I believe Circle Christian School currently performs a great service to the homeschooling community in Central Florida.  This enterprise has a unique foundation from which to evolve to the educational needs of a changing society.

Brian Grandstaff

Brian began his career in commercial real estate in 1995. His firm, Millenia Partners, is a full service commercial real estate firm that advises its clients in sales & leasing as well as construction and development of retail and office properties. Millenia Partners has offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Boca Raton, Miami Beach, and Naples, Florida. Brian graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance. He and his wife, Sarah, have five daughters that are Circle students.

Regarding Circle

Circle is where I know my children can be exposed to a Christian environment with great teachers and a supportive, solid group of families. My wife and I are delighted to see the level of confidence that has been established in our children’s lives as a result of Circle.

Jim Hoge

Jim is the president and chairman of Z88.3 in Orlando which is broadcast on four full power FM facilities, five translators throughout Central Florida and encompass the facilities that are Hot 95.9, G106.3 and 103.7–The Rock in Orlando. In addition, he serves the community as chairman of Pathways to Care, a homeless respite, serves on the board of advisers for Nathaniel’s Hope, Inc., (a special needs children ministry), Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) Orlando Campus Advisory Board and teaches children’s Sunday School at Northland, a Church Distributed, Longwood campus.  Jim and his wife Eunice have two grown children, both Circle graduates, and their oldest daughter is married to a Circle grad.

Regarding Circle

I am absolutely passionate about teaching our children the Faith, followed by a Christian worldview.  My purpose on the Circle board is to create long term viability and to protect the mission and vision of the school.

Cory Rhoads
A native to the state, Cory was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  He graduated from Stetson University’s Business School, where he met his wife, Maureen.  Cory is grateful for the privilege of being a father to their four amazing children, who are each students at Circle.  Cory is a Strategic Sales Director at Medallia, providing companies the ability to have bi-directional conversations with their customers, collect that feedback, collate and disseminate it to those who can take action and bring innovation to the business. 


Regarding Circle:

I am passionate to let others know about the impact Circle Christian School has had on our family. I have found that the primary driver of Circle’s success is how this alternative approach to education lends itself to strengthening families and building legacies for God’s glory. The in classroom experience and home instruction time allows for each child to pursue their passions.  I am enthusiastic about, and appreciative of, the fact that our children have an opportunity to pursue a great education, cultivate deep friendship, and go hard after Christ, as a result of being a part of Circle Christian School. 

John Warren

John is the CEO of CFS Financial, a consulting firm which engages primarily with nonprofit organizations to resolve debt disputes, negotiate debt terms, and resolve other financial management matters. Prior to CFS John spent 28 years in commercial banking. He is a student of theology and fills several servant leadership capacities at his church.  His experience includes an adjunct teaching role at The University of Central Florida as well as board service with various nonprofit entities. John has been married to Connie for 35 years. They have one daughter, a 2016 Circle grad.

Regarding Circle

I value the work of Circle in so many respects. The focus on excellence, the reinforcement and further development of Christian worldview, and the building of Christ-like character are the big-picture concepts that stand out as differentiators at CCS.  I would be pleased to utilize my banking and financial management experience to advance the Kingdom of God by serving Circle Christian School in any meaningful capacity.

Jim Werner

Jim is the Founder and Administrator of Circle Christian School. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Jim has a passion for his family and loves challenging parents and students to understand that education goes beyond mere academic accomplishment.  He believes the learner must be equipped with skills for building relationships, developing character, and fully engaging with all life experiences.  He believes that Jesus Christ is the foundation of all sound knowledge and learning (John 17:3). Jim is a graduate of Miami Christian College.  He has been married to Linda for over forty years.  They have five married children and 15 grandchildren.

Regarding Circle

I believe Circle is a living testimony of what God can accomplish through a community of families that come together with common goals and commitment. I believe Circle is a model of education that could benefit families and transform education across the country and even the world.

Linda Werner

Linda is the co-founder of Circle Christian School. Her love and dedication for her children empowered her to be the primary visionary for the establishment and subsequent development of the school. The five Werner children were enrolled in Circle from kindergarten through graduation. Linda’s commitment to families and her passion for helping people understand their strengths, makes her a valuable asset in the continued growth of Circle. Her current role in the organization is that of an encourager to the staff, teachers, and families. She presents passionate messages to groups within the organization as well as the community.

Linda loves to see GOD bring people and ideas together to build something greater for the Kingdom of God. Linda is also the founder of Legacy Principles, a ministry offering a variety of mentoring programs for women. She attended Montreat College and Florida Bible College.

Tim Werner

Tim graduated from Circle in 2006 and received an AA degree from Valencia in 2008, before attending University of Central Florida and ultimately receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Liberty University. He has worked for Circle 12 years. He began teaching the extracurricular class, Kids at Play, and then slowly began taking on more responsibility. He worked in the Athletic Department as the Assistant AD for three years, before taking over the department in 2013. In June 2018 the Board of Directors appointed him to the position of Executive Business Director. Tim married Andrea (a Circle grad) in 2009.  They have three children.

Regarding Circle

I am passionate about continuing to build for the overall future of Circle. I am excited to see what will be accomplished in each department, but overall, I am focused on the continued development of Circle as a whole.