Athletic FAQs

How do I get involved in Circle Athletics?
Attend the Athletic Information Meeting (Fall) and meet the eligibility requirements in the handbook.

Why do the sports fees vary so much for each sport?
Sports fees cover facility rental, equipment, staff compensation, entry fees, FHSAA participation, and the needs presented by the coaches. Sports that do not require a facility are generally less costly.

Where can I find more information regarding upcoming events and meetings?
The most current information is available in the Weekly CCS News. Additional information is located on the school website and in this handbook. Further questions can be answered by the athletic staff.

Can athletes participate in more than one sport at the same time?
Yes. Athletes may compete in two Circle sports simultaneously or with overlapping seasons.

Who will keep me informed throughout the season regarding changes that occur?
Team Managers are parent volunteers who assist the coaching team with communication and coordination of events. The TMs are the communication liaison for the Circle Athletic Team.

How do I donate money to help pay for equipment or new uniforms?
We welcome your tax-deductible donations to the Booster Club, payable to Circle Christian School. These donations may be designated for a specific reason and to a specific sport by request, based upon approval of the Booster club. For more information, contact Lisa Tipton, Athletic Director.

Who is eligible to be selected to the Varsity teams?
Athletes in grades 6 – 12 may participate in FHSAA sports if they are selected for the team based on their talents determined in try-outs. Some sports only have a varsity team in which to participate.

Are Circle athletes eligible to receive athletic scholarships for college?
Yes. Many Circle students have received college athletic scholarships based upon their performance in contests, academics, and the availability of scholarships to the colleges of his/her choice.

Do I have to be enrolled in Circle to participate in Circle sports?
Yes. You are required to be enrolled in CCS, but not required to be in any Circle classes. Athletes may not participate on sports teams for another school, but may participate in outside ACYS programs.

Do athletes receive a varsity letter and/or letter jacket for their achievements?
No. However, if a parent would like to purchase a letter jacket and varsity letter that was earned, they may do so. Circle does not have the funds available to purchase those for all varsity athletes.

Are athletes required to return their uniforms at the end of each season?
Yes. Athletes are required to return their uniforms in good condition at the end of the season. The Team Managers will assist with this process. The cost of any uniforms not returned will be billed to the family.

Are there more opportunities for elementary and middle school students coming?
Yes. Circle is developing more opportunities for middle school athletes, but many will also include younger grades. There are also youth team sports opportunities available through ACYS (Association of Christian Youth Sports). Go to its website for more details,

What is FHSAA?
Florida High School Activities Association is the state wide governing body that sanctions all high school athletic competition for public and private schools in the state of Florida. CCS became a full member for 2002-2003 school year.

Does CCS offer athletic opportunities for the elementary grades?
Currently there are several options:

  • KAP (Kids At Play) – KAP is a program designed for students in grades K-5. Students meet once a week for the purpose of exposure to different team sports and physical fitness. KAP is offered at each H.O.U.S.E.location beginning at 1:45pm.
  • HOUSE PE classes – Students in grades K-6 have the option to participate in a structured PE class offered at the HOUSE locations.
  • Summer Sports Camps – CCS offers Sport’s Camps for students in grades K-8 during the summer months to expose students to a variety of team sports. This summer camps include volleyball, basketball, golf and soccer.

Are there any financial requirements for participation in athletics?
There are athletic participation fees that are assessed for each sport. These fees help offset the cost to participate in that sport. Because the fees do not completely cover all costs, teams are required to participate in fundraising activities.

When are game and practice schedules available?
At the beginning of each school year CCS will host a parent meeting for those interested in athletic opportunities. In that meeting we will hand out important information regarding finances, practice and game schedules, physical forms, and anything that might pertain to the specific sport.

What is the function of the booster club?
The booster club plays a significant role generating resources for the athletic department. Because student participation fees and school funding do not cover all the costs required to provide for athletics, the booster club’s role is essential for the continued development of the total athletic program.

How is information regarding the athletic department communicated?
The primary mode of communication is the weekly CCS Update. E-mail is also used to update schedules and changes.