14 May 2017

Athletic Awards 2017

On Friday, May 12, Circle Christian School honored athletes at the annual awards night. Congratulations to the following recipients and congrats to all the athletes on a great year!

Descriptions of each of the awards are listed at the end of this article.

View the 2017 Athletics Awards Night program (PDF).

Centurion of the Year

Leanne Vastbinder

Alex Larsen

Most Outstanding Athlete

Leanne Vastbinder

Eugene Hong

Team Awards



Total Release – Alexa Chambers
Mighty in Spirit – Grace Bringham
Coaches Choice – Ainsley Chambers
Lady of Valor – Leanne Vastbinder
Total Release – Ryan Bare
Mighty in Spirit – William Padlock
Coaches Choice – Zack Kimmel
Man of Valor – Anthony Meola

Girls Cross Country

Total Release – Mulunesh Parker
Mighty in Spirit – Lauren Slidell
Coaches Choice – Archike Parker & Jaden Ault
Lady of Valor – Brooke McEwen & Sinkenesh Parker

Boys Cross Country

Total Release – Joshua Workowski
Mighty in Spirit – Christopher Haak
Coaches Choice – Alex Larsen
Man of Valor – Daniel Martin

Girls Golf

Total Release – Sarah Scott
Mighty in Spirit – Lara Van Staden
Coaches Choice – Faith Silverman
Lady of Valor – Sabrina Hoskins

Boys Golf

Mighty in Spirit (JV) – Dehan Van Staden
Total Release – Daniel Core
Mighty in Spirit – Michael Rogers
Coaches Choice – Evan Sun
Man of Valor – Eugene Hong


Total Release – Sierra Kelley
Mighty in Spirit – Lauren Grandstaff
Coaches Choice – Hannah Messenger
Lady of Valor – Lauren Brasher

Total Release – Caleb Liljeros
Mighty in Spirit – Jacob Santiago
Coaches Choice – Griffin Teetsel
Man of Valor – Joel Pearson


Boys Basketball

Total Release – Darian Ishani
Mighty in Spirit – Michael Polan
Coaches Choice – Patrick Simmonds
Man of Valor – Alex Larsen

Girls Soccer

Total Release – Isabella Carrillo
Mighty in Spirit – Elysse Carrillo
Coaches Choice – Delaney Blackwood
Lady of Valor – Julianna Pent

Boys Soccer

Total Release – Adam Simons
Mighty in Spirit – Daniel Goins
Coaches Choice – Jenner Tjernagel
Man of Valor – Daniel Sheldon



Total Release – Leslie Schussing
Mighty in Spirit – Rachel Watson
Coaches Choice – Lauren Adams
Lady of Valor – Danna Taylor

Total Release – Will Dickens
Mighty in Spirit – Zach Moore & Danny Pearson
Coaches Choice – William Padlock
Man of Valor – Camp Priest

Track & Field

Total Release – Jaden Ault
Mighty in Spirit – Emily Grandstaff
Coaches Choice – Colleen Madden
Lady of Valor – Brooke McEwen & Sinkenesh Parker

Mighty in Spirit – Daniel Martin
Coaches Choice – Noah Mitchell
Man of Valor – Alec Hipes & Alex Larsen

Award Descriptions
Total Release Award

This award goes to the athlete that displayed the most heart both on and off the field of competition.  Whether it was the first practice or the last practice, this athlete always gave 100% any time, all the time.

Mighty in Spirit Award

This award goes to team’s spiritual leader.  The athlete that always seemed to bring conversations or things back to a spiritual slant. This athlete displayed Christ-like character no matter what the circumstances.

Coach’s Choice Award

This award goes to the athlete that the coach deems most deserving. This is an award defined by the coach and given at the coach’s discretion.

Man/Lady of Valor Award

This award is given to the athlete that characterizes the spirit of Christ both on and off the field of competition.  This individual might be characterized as the MVP, someone that stood out in leadership and set a high standard of performance.

Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year

This award acknowledges the most outstanding performance of a male and female athlete of the year, by their overall accomplishments during the regular season and state series. It can be awarded to any athlete who participated on a varsity sport and is voted on by the Athletic staff and school Leadership Team and staff.

Centurion of the Year Award

This award goes to a senior male and female nominee that best exemplifies a total commitment to Christ-like character on and off the field of competition. The award winner is someone that has taken every opportunity to make the most of God-given abilities and has set an example of hard work and good sportsmanship.  The winner has also exhibited exemplary behavior in areas outside the arena of competition and has shown selfless character and a desire to make others better. This is typically the athlete with talent above and beyond average as well as a team leader in example with character above reproach. The Athletic staff and Circle Leadership Team vote on this award.

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