Articulation Agreements

Circle’s state accrediting agency, Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA) maintains a high level of integrity and accountability and has established guidelines for its member schools requiring for an Articulation Agreement between member schools and educational providers.

An educational provider is an individual, educational organization or institution that assigns grades for coursework done for high school credit. These changes do not impact parents that are teaching their own children at home. The purpose of the agreement is to define the requirements for FCCPSA accredited schools to accept high school credits from individuals, educational organizations and institutions that may or may not be FCCPSA members or accredited by FCCPSA.

The Articulation Agreement is designed for outside Educational Providers teaching core high school courses to assure FCCPSA that the course content and quality along with the grades and hours invested will be eligible to be recorded on an FCCPSA accredited transcript.  The guideline applies to all core high school credit courses (English, Math, Science, Social studies, and Foreign Languages).

Please ensure that your chosen Educational Provider has completed this process by July 22, each year.  Email Robin Smith to determine if your Educational Provider already has an Articulation Agreement with Circle.

Articulation Agreement Required

If your student will be taking a graded high school class in a core subject (English, Math, Science, Social studies, or Foreign Language) from an outside instructor (Educational Provider) an Articulation Agreement is required.

Information for Circle Families
Information for Educational Providers
High School Course Benchmark Forms

Download Individual Course Forms – Upload forms to the course application.

*if their course is not listed, to contact Robin Smith – [email protected]