13 Sep 2017

Class Cancellations for Thursday and Friday, September 14 and 15

Dear Parents and Students,

While the recent hurricane certainly presents us with challenges, we are grateful that we have not heard of any injuries or serious damage. We are praying for all of you as you clean up and return to normal after the storm.

Due to ongoing facility and staffing issues, all campus classes for Thursday (9/14) and Friday (9/15) are canceled.

With the hope that most people will have power by Thursday, Lower School Frameworks and Upper School Thursday/Friday Only* classes will post their WEEK 4 WAS ASSIGNMENTS on the eLC on Thursday/Friday, respectively, by 8:00am. These assignments will be due the week of September 18-22nd, Monday/Tuesday/Friday for Frameworks and next Thursday/Friday for Upper School, respectively. All Week 4 assignments for all classes are due the week of September 18-22.

Week 5 will begin on Monday, September 18, 2017. Week 5 assignments will be due September 25-29, 2017 per WAS.

*High School Thursday/Friday Only Classes

Anatomy & Physiology, AP English Language, AP English Literature, Computer Programming, Chemistry 1, 2, French 1, 2, Marine Science, Printmaking 1/2, Physics, Spanish 1, 2, Speech & Debate.

*Fundamentals Thursday/Friday Class: STEM Quest

Arts Rehearsals

The arts rehearsals scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Metro Church are still awaiting facility verification and viability. Watch for an email update from Arts Director, Erin Theriault to confirm these rehearsals.

Please contact the program director with any questions but allow sufficient response time as not everyone has power, internet, or cell coverage yet.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and grace as we navigate this unusual situation together. We continue to be committed to ensuring academic excellence and we are grateful for your partnership.

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