Admission FAQS

What are the enrollment policies?

Enrollment in Circle Christian School is open to all Christian households that are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and are in agreement with Circle’s Doctrinal Statement as well as our procedures, policies, and standards.

Circle Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin. However, because Circle is a distinctly Christian organization, the administration reserves the right to discriminate in areas of religious beliefs and affiliations.

Acceptance for enrollment in Circle is at the discretion of the Administration.

It is based upon the satisfactory completion of all application requirements and a thorough review of all responses on the application forms.

In order to provide the assurance of a wholesome Christian atmosphere and to prevent any negative reflection on the school itself, Circle reserves the right to review any pertinent information, records, or circumstance of any applicant or enrolled individual or family.

Circle reserves the right to ask for letters of referral or may contact former schools, etc. to request references regarding any individual or family. Any information gathered will be kept confidential.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to take whatever steps it deems necessary toward any individual or family in order to ensure that Circle’s reputation and purpose are not hindered. Such action includes, but is not limited to, the denial of enrollment or removal from enrollment of any student or family. In the event of action by the Board of Directors, all student records will remain confidential and will be kept by Circle.

Is Circle Christian School accredited?

Circle Christian School provides an accredited academic program through the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA) and AdvancED/SACS.

Does Circle accept the McKay, Step Up for Students, or offer any other scholarship?

No, we do not accept scholarships.

Where is Circle Christian School located?

We serve the Central Florida area on three campus locations. CrossLife Church / Oviedo Campus, Calvary Orlando / Winter Park Campus, and The Foundry Church / Winter Springs Campus. Our Administrative Offices are located at 2134 Kentucky Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

Where do I purchase the curriculum for homeschooling?

You may purchase materials in our Resource Room at our Administrative Office, located at 2134 Kentucky Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789.

We also stock curriculum at our Amazon store or you to purchase materials online.

Are there Fine Arts programs at Circle Christian School?

Circle provides students many different opportunities to explore the arts:

Lower School (K-6) students are exposed to the arts through our after school enrichment art classes.

Middle School (7-8) students can begin to explore the arts by discipline, through our arts electives.

High School (9-12) students have the most extensive opportunity to study the arts, through either our arts electives or Circle School of the Arts.

Together, these programs encourage creative thinking, self-expression, originality, emotional release, questioning, problem solving, and a richer appreciation of the world, past and present.

What is the Arts Honor Diploma?

Students who successfully complete the four year Circle School of the Arts track will be eligible to receive an Arts Honor Diploma distinguishing them and their time in high school as dedicated to a specific arts discipline.

Having successfully completed four years of intensive study in a discipline and receiving an ARTS HONOR DIPLOMA will give the student a stronger advantage as they apply, audition, and compete for placement in universities and conservatories with other seniors graduating from public and private performing arts high schools.