17 Sep 2006

A New Excitement

This week I have pondered in my heart the thrill that I am experiencing as a mother. I have learned there are three distinct areas of enjoyment as it relates to children. The first is the birth of a new life that God creates between a husband and a wife, the second is the addition of a child through marriage, and the third is when our children have children of their own and my name changes to “Omie”. I love that part most of all!

Ten years ago God brought an amazing young man to our family when Brian married our oldest daughter, Sarah. He became our fourth son. This week I have rejoiced in the addition of a new daughter as Christina will be added to our family, Lord willing, April 21, 2007 when she will marry our son Jonathan. My heart is so very grateful. From the time our children were small we prayed every night that GOD would be preparing them to be the godly young man or woman they were created to be. We have also prayed very specifically for their life partners. It is a pure joy to see God’s answer to our prayers.

As I look at the pictures of my girls, my heart is overwhelmed with extreme gratitude for answered prayer. My prayer is now that the legacy they have been given in GOD will be embraced and carried on to their children and beyond. The baton of our faith is being passed and I pray that our children will be found faithful.

It has not always been easy. There were many days when I struggled being a mom of five but God is faithful and we kept investing into their lives. Today we are enjoying the fruits of our labors.

Pray fervently for your children and do not lose sight of the big picture. Remember to pray for their life partners. Though you do not know their names, God does, and we have an incredible opportunity to journey with our children in their pursuit of discovery – a discovery of love and family!

III John 4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

Click here to see my daughters.

Have an AWESOME week!

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