30 Jul 2006

A New Beginning

School is officially starting! New textbooks have been distributed! New pencils have been sharpened! New notebooks have been purchased! New friends are going to be made! New information will be taught! New activities are beginning! New excitement is in the air! New…New…New…everywhere!

In all the newness that happens at the beginning of a school year, I am confident that it is the desire of every parent’s heart and teacher’s heart to not only impart new academic knowledge but to impart the true knowledge of the Living Lord as they seek to educate their children and their students.

It has been said that education is more than the imparting of information. In a deeper sense, it is the giving of oneself to another in the hope that the student will grow and search for the real meaning of life in all of its beauty.

In the classroom, you will seek to teach your subject well to your children. You will correct as correction is needed, share praise when their best was given, replace discouragement with encouragement, and consistently expect learning to take place. You will stretch and mold their minds; not to force them into your mold but to help them see themselves and lead them in reaching their full potential. You will be willing to find time in your busy day to pray for the specific needs of your children. You will listen for the voice of God giving you answers. You will impart the beauty of Life into your children as you share how everything in creation comes from the Knowledge Giver.

Be thankful for the opportunity to enrich the lives of your children by sharing your life and His life with them. Look forward to all the new experiences you will have and enjoy your new school year!

Have an awesome week!

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