3 Nov 2017

A Memorial to Sarah Foster

A Memorial to Sarah Foster
by Dianne Richardson, Upper School Director

It is with a heavy heart and yet enduring faith and hope in Christ our Lord that I share with you that our beloved student Sarah Foster entered into the arms of Jesus around 9:30am​ on November 2, 2017​. She is healed! No more pain. No more treatments. No more sickness. No more suffering. Only JOY!

Our Circle family was deeply blessed ​to know Sarah, to rally around her over these last 13 months since she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (malignant brain tumors), to host fundraisers for her, to visit with her, to laugh with her, to pray unceasingly, and even ​to be at the hospital with​ Sarah and her family during her last moments on this earth.

We were able to ​​tell her, once again, how much she is loved here​ and loved by our faithful God​. ​In one of my last conversations with her she spoke of how blessed she was and how she would never have known the love of so many wonderful people had it not been for her cancer.

Personally, she taught me so much about how we really can be thankful in all things. ​

Sarah ​also ​deeply loved Circle and her teachers and talked ​a lot ​about ​the​ impact ​Circle has had ​in her life.

She celebrated her 18th birthday on Friday with a card​, a balloon,​ ​and beautiful flowers ​from Circle and a visit from Mr. Snyder.

Please continue to pray for the family as they journey through the grief and pain that death causes us in this world.

We are also here to walk through this grief with you if you would like to talk about it.

​We do not yet know of a date for a memorial service but will post it when it become available.

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