24 Jan 2016

3 College Prep Tools for STEM Focused Students

Evolving technology trends and the ever-changing job market create an economy that demands graduates with an advanced understanding of science and mathematics.

Competition to enroll in universities offering science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focused degrees is growing, which is why Florida Polytechnic University recently launched STEMStudy.com, an online resource designed to help students through all four years of high school as they research and apply for STEM universities.

Below are three of the great resources that students can find on STEMStudy.com:

STEM Scholarship Search
Students can use the ever-expanding STEM scholarship guide to learn more about scholarships geared toward STEM disciplines. These scholarships are awarded based upon merit or other criteria and don’t require repayment.

STEM Interest Quiz
Students who aren’t quite sure which major they want to pursue in college can take the interactive STEM interest quiz, which gauges their passions and preferences. Based on the student’s input, the quiz provides suggested programs that might be a good match – or at least a good starting point for further exploration.

How to Apply to an Engineering College
Students can watch an interactive video that explains how to apply to an engineering college and how to learn more about each school and find just the right fit. The video outlines tips students should remember regarding the application process, college entrance exams and college visits.

Students may also download the STEMStudy App, available to iOS users through the iTunes App Store.

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