8 Aug 2017

“What I Did This Summer” by Riah Smith

“What I Did This Summer”
by Riah Smith, CCS Sophomore 

Hey Friends,
My name is Riah Smith. I am in 10th grade, and this summer I have started raising awareness regarding the HPV vaccination, as it is the cause of my sister’s chronic illness.

My beautiful sister Rianna, an eighteen year-old Circle Christian School Alumni, started experiencing foot pain after working out when she was in 10th grade like me. Not long after the onset of this pain, other unforeseen discomforts and unknown flare-ups began to arise – cold feet, constant fatigue, and overwhelming weakness. After three years, twenty-seven doctors, and eight different treatments from various specialists, we were no closer to receiving answers as to why her health was declining.

We then began to take matters into our own hands. We looked back at her records, and found that the onset of her initial symptoms came directly after she had received the HPV Vaccine. Brehnden Daly, Rianna’s boyfriend as well as another Circle Christian School Alumni, began to research the possibility of this vaccination causing Rianna’s symptoms. Sadly, this research caused us to stumble upon the truth.

We discovered that when your small fiber cells regenerate – usually when growing or after experiencing stress on the nerves – they emit a protein called MCH -1. This MCH -1 protein is also found in HPV. The vaccination is designed to fight against the nerves and cells attempting to regenerate in the instance that HPV is found within the body. Through a process called molecular mimicry, the body then forms T- Cells to go against other parts of the body. Thus, the symptoms and pains Rianna is experiencing is due to the HPV vaccine mistakenly attacking her own body rather than the HPV virus.

We also discovered that Rianna is not the only victim of this vaccine. There are thousands of other girls with chronic illnesses that don’t have answers. I have also recently witnessed a friend my age experience Rianna’s same symptoms after receiving the vaccine.

This is a sad outbreak in the medical field, but there is still hope. Through treatment growth and raising awareness regarding the legitimate dangers of the HPV vaccine, we can save others from chronic illness.

Please help me raise awareness regarding this vaccine. If you would like to find out more about the research, know someone in the medical field that could help with awareness, or know someone with symptoms similar to Rianna’s, please contact me. I will be ready to help and pray for them in any way possible.

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