Tuition & Fees

Average Tuition & Fees For The 2017-18 School Year

Lower School $2,500

Upper School $3,000

Tuition costs vary depending on the number of on campuses classes and extra-curricular activities you choose. On average, a Circle education for a lower school student is $2,500 (K-6) and $3,000 for an upper school student (7-12).

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Tuition and Fees at Circle Christian School

Circle is a registered private school. The academic office maintains a record of student grades, curriculum, and enrichment choices. High School students benefit from Circle’s full-service Guidance Department including course planning, student and parent workshops, conferences, scholarship recommendations, and standardized testing opportunities. These services are universally provided to all students enrolled at Circle, whether taking campus classes or homeschool.

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Financial Summary 

Enrollment Fee
Upper School Fee (if 7-12 student)

Class and Program Participation Fees

For those who choose to participate in campus classes and programs, additional participation fees apply 

Lower School Fees
Upper School Fees
Arts Fees

Tuition Assistance

Circle keeps private school tuition affordable by reducing overhead and having families pay only for the classes and programs they take. Therefore, we do not offer the state sponsored McKay Scholarship, the Step Up for Students, or offer any other scholarships.  

Financial Questions

Please visit our Financial FAQ page or contact Mike Stroup, Director of Operations and Finance.