5 Nov 2006

The Battle for the Family

My heart is so heavy this weekend with the news of the moral failure of another pastor, Ted Haggard. I have prayed today not only for him and his family but for the battle that is being waged against each of us by Satan, the prince of this world.

We are in a desperate state. The threat against me as well as my husband and my children is great. The sexual temptation, the abuse by others, and the drift that can so easily pull me away are some things that have become very paramount in my mind. I am as capable as anyone to follow a path of destruction.

Our families are being attacked. In any great war we must know how to fight. What weapons must I use? Who will help me stand? Where can I go for strength and protection? It would be crazy to think that we would ever consider going to war without first knowing against what and whom are we fighting.

Today I sound a Battle Cry.
• A cry for purity, not only for our children, but for ourselves
• A cry for intimacy with only our spouse and no one else
• A cry for openness and not secrecy
• A cry for CREATOR God to show the way and to forgive our sins

Will you today make a simple declaration to not only God but to your family? Will you affirm your commitment to them? If you are indeed struggling with secret sins, will your seek help?

Your declaration can be as simple as this:
Today, I will seek to serve and honor GOD in all my relationships. I will never waiver from the commitment that I made to my spouse when I married. I will renew my love, honor, and respect even if it is painful. I will not give in to the enemy of this world and follow a road of sin and temptation. I will fight every spiritual battle knowing that my faith will become strong and my legacy will continue for GOD’s glory. I will not give in to passivity or become weary knowing that I am called to run the race for my entire life until God calls me home. My race is not over and I must be strong.

God, I BEG you to help us be strong until the very end.

Journeying together on the road of life! Have an AWESOME week!

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