8 Apr 2017

The Art of Clean Cooking — Class for Parents!

What if nourishing our bodies with whole foods instead of convenience foods became possible … and maybe even enjoyable? This hands on cooking class for parents will focused on taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle by being creative in the kitchen with opportunity to experience delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, and low processed sugar options. God has given us so many yummy and interesting foods to inspire us and even bring our busy families to the dinner table.  Together we will explore delicious, quick, and healthy meals that are actually do-able. No Pinterest perfection is needed! Let’s have fun and nourish our families in the process. Bring your friends! This class is super fun and practical!

Instructor: Mrs. Christine Cheesman

Where: Calvary Campus

When: Tuesdays, 8:30am*-10:00am, follows the academic class calendar beginning in August. *Instruction will not actually begin until 8:45am to allow for Lower School student drop off. 

Fees: The same as student classes ($50 registration, $450 tuition, $150 materials), no textbooks or homework required.

Mrs. Christine Cheesman holds a BFA in Arts Education from East Carolina University.  She has been teaching students in public, private, and homeschool sectors since 1999.  Christine has a love for teaching and a heart for encouraging the unique gifts God has placed in all of us.  She loves to watch students break free from fear by creatively thinking outside the box and making bold choices for Jesus. Mrs. Cheesman is currently writing a “whole” foods cookbook that infuses her love of recipe creation, design, clean eating, and fitness.  She has been teaching with Circle Christian School since 2017.


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