30 Oct 2016

Seminole State Changes Dual Enrollment Policy

Seminole State College has announced they are joining other central Florida colleges in charging private schools for their students taking college classes. Charges begin for the Spring semester starting January 2017. Interested students may pick up the application forms from Circle’s Academic office.  Each three hour class will cost $225.00 ($75. per hour)  Students will NOT pay SSC, because Circle Christian School will be charged. Mr. Stroup will then apply these charges to your account.

Are you considering dual enrollment? The following is the list of requirements for new students.

Meet with Mrs. McIntyre, your high school guidance counselor to obtain an application and determine eligibility which includes the unweighted 3.0 GPA and college ready qualifying test scores on SAT/ ACT.

Complete the entire application, including the parts for student, parent, and Circle guidance counselor.  Then take all the required pieces to your meeting with the SSC guidance counselor.  (As a reminder, each local college has different dates for requirements to be completed. Check online and with Mrs. McIntyre)

  • Transcripts
  • Official test scores from ACT/ SAT
  • 868 Form
  • Completed registration form

Students continuing to dual enroll will need the 868 form and class confirmation approvals from Mrs. McIntyre.

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