Lower School Programs

Three Academic Program Choices

Circle Christian’s Lower School offers a variety of options to parents who want to actively participate in the education of their children. Circle’s Lower School is comprised of three educational programs – Explorations (K-3rd), Foundations (K-6th), and Frameworks (4th-6th). Although connected as one Lower School, each elementary program has a unique focus and distinct requirements.

The Explorations program (Grades K-3rd) offers unit studies built around great children’s literature. Hands-on lessons in literature, writing instruction, science, social studies, Bible, and art make stories come to life in the classroom and at home. Explorations offers one page-turning adventure after another! Click here for more

The Foundations program (Grades K-6th) embarks on a yearlong study of a single historical time-period, examining the events and culture of the era and the personal stories of real people which make them meaningful. This engaging learning environment surveys of history, Bible/worldview, science, visual arts, and performing arts. In 2018-19, we will focus on The Ancient World. Click here for more

The Frameworks program (Grades 4th-6th) offers a structured classroom environment, where certified teachers plan, assign, and grade required coursework. Frameworks covers the core academic subject areas of literature, writing instruction, science, and social studies. Students attend class one day a week to receive teacher instruction, turn in schoolwork, and prepare for home education days, which are guided by a Weekly Assignment Sheet. Click here for more

In all three programs, there are class days and home days. Our Lower School programs meet one day a week and provide Home Lesson Plans for the other days of the school week. Families can choose between two campus locations – our Oviedo campus at CrossLife or our Winter Park campus at Calvary Orlando.

Extracurricular Class Options

Circle’s Lower School also offers extracurricular classes that can be purchased independently of our Lower School programs. Students must be enrolled in Circle Christian School to participate. Extracurricular classes run from 2:00-3:15 p.m. on Lower School program days.

For the 2018-19 school year, Circle will offer the following Lower School extracurricular classes:

  • Amazing Artists (4th-6th)
  • Circle Theatre Kids (4th-6th)
  • Extreme STEAM (4th-6th)
  • First Stage Players (K-3rd)
  • Kids At Play (K-6th)
  • SCIrageous! Hands-on Science (K-6th)

Circle’s Lower School offers families the best of both worlds – private school accountability and home education delight!

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