5 Dec 2017

“Giving Back to the Russell Home” by Mrs. Knopf

“Giving Back to the Russell Home”
by Mrs. Knopf, Fundamentals Science Teacher

Six years ago I wanted to motivate my students to think of others above themselves during Thanksgiving.  So, the food drive was started.  The first year we gave all the food collected to a local food bank.  The following year I thought of the Russell Home.  I can’t think of a more deserving place.

I asked each of my science students (I have approx. 95 students this year in science) to bring in 4 non-perishable food items and provided them a list of ideas. I asked them to bring in the food items on a certain day, and they always do with pleasure.  Each year we have collected somewhere between 350-600 food items.  This year we collected 412 items, and some students brought in very large items from Sams/Costco and/or more than what was asked for.  They are happy to give to the Russell Home.  I also tell them about the home so those who have never heard of it know what little history I can provide.

I think this year above all touched my heart the most.  The precious residents of the Home were so excited and proud of our donations.  Donnie and Hannah were so sweet and I immediately was drawn to Donnie in particular and his willingness to help get the items out of our cars and into the house.  God surely blessed him with a happy heart and a helpful spirit.  Driving away from the home, I had tears in my eyes because my students had a part of blessing these sweet residents.

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