Documents and Forms

This page contains the forms used by various departments at Circle.  Many of the files listed on this page are in a PDF format.  You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to open those files.  Some of the files are editable and may be filled out with your computer and then printed.

General Forms

   2017-18 Credit Card Authorization Form Submit this form to authorize Circle to charge your fees on a monthly basis.
   Campus Pickup Authorization Submit this form to authorized individuals to pickup students from campus locations.
   Driver Agreement Submit this form prior to volunteering to drive students to a school event.
   ID Request Form Submit this form to upload an image for a student or parent ID card.
   Student Allergy Forms Submit this series of forms related to student allergy concerns and needs.
   Student Health & Emergency Release Form Submit this form to indicate student health concerns and provide emergency medical release.
   2017-18 Student Parent Handbook This document contains general information as well as sections related to academics, arts, and athletics.
   2018-19 Student Covenant Codes

Senior Forms

These three online forms apply to graduating seniors.
   Important Dates Outlines specific deadlines for Seniors
   College Information Preliminary Submission Submit this form by October 1.
   Senior Graduation Form Submit this form by January 7.
   College Information Final Submission Submit this form by March 1.

Academic Department

   Academic Policies This page contains information related to academic policies, probation, and procedures for upper school students.
   Articulation Agreements This page contains information related to Articulation Agreements for high school credits.
   2018-19 Dual Enrollment Application This page contains the application for Dual Enrollment with SEU.
   Release Student Test Scores Submit this form to allow Circle to release student test scores to colleges and others.
   Summer School Grade Report Download and file this form with summer school grades by August 3, 2017.  Be sure to attach the Summer School Checklist below.
   Summer School Checklist Submit this form with the Summer School Grade Report listed above.
   Transcript Request Form Submit this form to request a transcript to be sent.
   Volunteer Service Forms Use these forms to document volunteer service for high school students.

Athletic Department

   All Athletic Forms are here View all the Athletic forms.

Financial Information

   Financial Policy View school policies related to finances.
   Financial FAQs View frequently asked questions related to finances.