26 Nov 2017

2017-18 Attendance, Monthly Reports, and 1st Semester Grades

As we approach the end of the first semester it is critically important for everyone to be clear on the timelines for submission of student attendance and grades.  Below are details regarding the timelines as well as a summary of notes related to the Dashboard used for reporting attendance and progress.


In order to satisfy the state mandated attendance requirement (170-180 days per year) students should have 85-90 days attendance documented in the Circle Dashboard by the end of December (fall semester). This means that even though Circle campus classes and programs will not be in session after December 8, students need to be accumulating attendance days by continuing their studies at home until they have met the requirement.

NOTE: For students in grades K-11, the 180 days of attendance must be completed by June 7, 2018. Seniors, however, must complete their days of attendance by May 9, 2018 since graduation is May 18, 2018.

December Reports and First Semester Grades

December Monthly Reports and First Semester Grades must be entered in the dashboard by January 7, 2018.

* * * NOTE: Because of the critical nature of Semester Grade Reports there is a $100.00 late fee for failure to submit the report by the due date, January 7. * * *

Contact Robin Smith if you have any questions.

Non Circle Campus Classes

Semester grades for classes taught at home or classes taken from an instructional source other than Circle campus classes should be entered in the Dashboard under the “Grades” tab.  Enter the semester grade in the column marked “1st.”  See illustration below.

1st Semester Grade Illustration

Circle Campus Class Grades

The December/First Semester grades for Circle campus classes (Frameworks and all upper school classes) will be issued by teachers no later than December 12 and may be viewed on the eLC and the Dashboard (The December grade will be the 1st semester grade as well, and will only be populated in the December column).  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the final grades issued by the teachers, you must contact Sally Bush (upper school classes) or Gretchen Simmons (Frameworks classes) by December 14.  Grades will be considered final on December 15.

First semester final grades for CCS classes will be reset in the eLC to begin the spring semester, and will no longer be available for parents or students to view after December 31, 2017.

High School Credits

In order for Circle to determine credits earned for high school classes, parents must indicate the length of each class on the “Classes” tab by selecting the “Edit” button.  Classes that are a full credit (1.0) should be marked “Both.”  Half credits (0.5) should be indicated by selecting the appropriate semester (fall or spring).  See illustration below.

edit classes

semester length

Select the appropriate length of class.

If your upper school student has an incomplete semester grade, or is stretching a .5 credit class over the entire school year, enter “Incomplete” as the semester grade.

Dual Enrolled Students

A screenshot of final grades from the student’s online college account must to be emailed or faxed (407-740-8580) to Robin Smith in order for it to be recorded on the transcript.


Direct all questions to Robin Smith.


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