Songwriting Essentials/Music Techniques I 7-12

10 Jan 2017

Songwriting Essentials/Music Techniques I 7-12

Ms. Bryant
Metro Church / Winter Springs Campus

Wednesday 10:10 – 11:40am

Songwriting Essentials/Music Techniques I students will focus on the development of musical and technical skills required for lyrical composition. Through problem-solving, critical thinking, and reflection students develop the cognitive skills needed to create meaningful works and become more disciplined performers. This course is intended to teach lyrical structure and style, and add simple matching melodies to the words created by the student. It is not a musical composition course. Students do not need to know music theory or how to compose or write sheet music.  No instrument is required for this course but if a student plays an instrument it may be incorporated. Credit applied for high school students only. Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus (online classroom component) will be required. This course serves as an elective arts middle school course. This course meets once a week.

Prerequisite:  none