Dual Enrollment Intermediate Algebra + College Algebra

12 Jan 2017

Dual Enrollment Intermediate Algebra + College Algebra

Mr. Mosely
Metro Church / Winter Springs Campus
Monday / Thursday 10:10 - 11:40am

Dual Enrollment Intermediate Algebra & College Algebra are mathematically exciting and fast-paced college courses taught on the CCS Campus. The difficulty level of the material increases significantly throughout the semester.

MAT 1033C INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA   This course presents algebraic skills for MAC 1105. Topics include linear equations and inequalities in two variables and their graphs, systems of linear equations and inequalities, introductions to functions, factoring, algebraic functions, rational equations, radical and rational exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, scientific notation, applications of the above topics and the communication of mathematics. Applications emphasizing connections with disciplines and the real world will be included. This course carries general elective credit but does not satisfy either Gordon Rule or general education requirements. (Valencia College)

MAC 1105 COLLEGE ALGEBRA Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in MAT 1033C or appropriate score on an approved assessment . Course based on the study of functions and their role in problem solving. Topics include graphing, the linear, quadratic, and exponential families of functions, and inverse functions. Students will be required to solve applied problems and communicate their findings effectively. Technology tools will be utilized in addition to analytical methods. Gordon Rule course. Minimum grade of C required if MAC 1105 is used to satisfy Gordon Rule and general education requirements. (Valencia College)

A TI-83 or TI-84 (preferred) calculator is required (TI-86/89 and Casio graphing calculators are not recommended).  Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus and/or the Dual Enrollment College’s student portal will be required. This is a two day per week course.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2  AND a qualifying ACT/SAT or PERT score. Must have guidance permission for this course. Students should plan to take the ACT/SAT in January, February,  or March.

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