American Humanities 9

12 Jan 2017

American Humanities 9

Mrs. Crawford
Metro Church / Winter Springs Campus
Monday / Thursday 8:30 - 11:40am
Mrs. Moore
Calvary / Winter Park Campus
Tuesday / Friday 8:30 - 11:40am

American Humanities 9 offers motivated students an exciting, rigorous, creative, and unique opportunity to integrate English, History, and Bible/Worldview/Critical Thinking in a three-hour block that meets twice per week. Students will make critical interpretations of classic American literature as well as primary source historical readings, increasingly complex writing, intellectual analysis, and formulation of an applied worldview. Students will practice skills and apply language conventions in numerous writing assignments, including independent and group projects. In order to create strong writers, students will explore a variety of writing styles, structures, and methodologies. Through the integration of material, students will study the scope of United States History from unique perspectives, make critical interpretations, and use primary sources and map skills to comprehend the impact of ideas on people, places, and times. Students will focus on evidence based writing using MLA structure as well as expanding the art of written and spoken rhetoric. Vocabulary, study skills, speaking skills, organizational skills, and research skills along with grammar and syntax review will be integrated into the course throughout the year. Students will give several individual and group presentations. Academically motivated students moving from Fundamentals American History to American Humanities will find a complimentary bridge that strengthens, challenges, and expands a student’s critical understanding of America in preparation for comprehending the world at large.  Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus (online classroom component) will be required. Required summer reading list with summer writing assignment will be available in May. Literature Focus: American Literature

Prerequisites: Students should be strong readers.

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